Trolls Cottage, Dabouge, and Mesa and Ari will be going crazy playing this new venue.

January 26, 2009

Lake Street Bar and Grill is a huge new venue in Kirkland.

Come by Fridays for Kirkland’s only venue supporting Seattle’s Independent Music Scene!

Three awesome bands for only $8! This concert will sell out so get there early!

From: KJ Sawka KJ Sawka DNB Signed to Sony
Date: Jan 14, 2009 12:00 PM




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KJ Sawka presents Drum ‘n’ Bass and Beyond
From television talk show stages to sold-out arenas
to hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, KJ
Sawka has put his frenetic and singularly
creative drumming on display for the entire world
to witness.
But this is more than just performance
As drummer and musical director for
American Idol finalist Blake Lewis, and regular
production partner of electronic super-producer BT,
this young talent has what it takes to deliver a first
class package full of the most hardnosed beats and
bass this side of the jungle.
Syncopated rhythms
flow like a shot of adrenaline overripping synth
patterns, while textured Rhodes chords and airy
pads provide perfect melodic breaks between
hailstorms of sine waves.
With more than 650megs
of royalty-free, perfectly ACIDized .
wav files,
this is our biggest and best drum ‘n’ bass title yet.

Drum ‘n’ bass,dub-step, breakbeat and downtempo
—Sawka has left no stone unturned.

Downloadable version includes remix files for KJ Sawka’s “My Girl.

643 (640 MB) original, royalty-free WAV files.



All sample loops are from the applicable Sound
Series™ collection.
Sample songs, if present, primarily feature loops from the applicable collection, though other libraries may have been used in their creation



2008 Concert Calendar

February 19, 2008

Rebelution Concert Seattle at Neumos

Upcoming Ari Joshua Zucker Shows

Apr 11 2008 8:00P
Henta CD release Party – Jewel Box Theater seattle, Washington
Apr 19 2008 10:00P
Skoi, Ari, Rich w/ Manos, Rashaan + more Hot Shotz Martini Bar Bellingham, Washington
May 9 2008 10:00P
Trio w/ Michael Shrieve + Joe Doria at Nectar Lounge Fremont, Washington



Apr 20 2008 9:00P
1015 Folsom -Symbiotic Orchestra with Jamie Janover / Michael Kang / Kevin Sawka / others San Francisco, California
Apr 22 2008 8:00P
Seattle Center -Dabouge Seattle, Washington
Apr 29 2008 10:00P
The Baltic Room Seattle, Washington
May 9 2008 8:00P
Studio 51 w/ LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad Helsinki, Uusimaa
Jul 19 2008 8:00P
Glade Festival Aldermaston, London and South East


Apr 12 2008 9:30P
with Chris Fagen @ The Hendrix Lounge seattle
Apr 17 2008 10:00P
McTuff@ The Goodfoot portland, Oregon
Apr 18 2008 9:30P
NcTuff@ The Art House olympia, Washington
Apr 19 2008 10:00P
McTuff@ The Owl n Thistle seattle
Apr 28 2008 10:00P
MCTuff at Jazzfest: Hi-Ho Lounge new orleans, Louisiana
Apr 29 2008 10:00P
McTuff@ NO Jazzfest: Hi-Ho Lounge new orleans, Louisiana

UpComing Staxx Brothers Shows

Apr 11 2008 9:00P
john’s alley with Out from Underneath Moscow
Apr 12 2008 8:00P
Brooklyn Nights Spokane, Washington
May 9 2008 8:00P
Nectar Lounge Seattle
Jun 7 2008 8:00P
The Jet Deck Mill Creek
Jun 29 2008 3:15P
Burien Music Festival Burien

No Upcoming shows til April 2008

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February 12, 2008

For the latest on AriSawkaDoria and Staxx Brothers, visit and

AriSawkaDoria Back up Blake in Seattle

May 17, 2007

Links to news articles about AriSawkaDoria backing up Blake Lewis of American Idol on National TV

AriSawkaDoria backs up Blake Lewis on National TV – May 11, 2007

Ari Joshua Zucker is interviewed by the Seattle Times – May 8, 2007

ARISAWKADORIA – Official CD Release Party

April 26, 2007


the grape vine

April 16, 2007

Ari and Kevin from ASD were in NYC april 14th-20th
recording an album with Bluenote’s Robert Glasper also joining the
session is Grandfather Ridiculous bassist Jason Fraticelli.

the Staxx Brothers

April 4, 2007

Blake Lewis- B-shorty and the Staxx Brothers MySpace Ho

Staxx Brothers: Our Hip Hop & Soul IS  Always Rock & Roll

The Staxx Brothers were founded by two young men, who have deep love for that old old school R&B & Soul they once discovered in the heart of Staxx records.

They were inspired by Hip Hop, being the music of their generation, and Jimi Hendrix their patron saint.   They fought against conforming to pop culture, rules would never apply to them.  Immersing themselves in the African-American and Classic Rock songbook, like a DJ diggin through crates for gold.  Hip Hop was always there.

After Staxx Brothers lead singer and harmonica player DP Staxx, gave a hand to JD Staxx, the former transformed from high school drop out to a nationally recognized academic scholar.  In the competitive and creative atmosphere of a college town, his command of the guitar only grew stronger. In those days, dues were paid and promises were made. The Brothers finally struck a chord two years later, when they put together a band that included one of their best friends, a blind black rapper with roots in Detroit, and known as Decurrian.  A gentleman and a scholar himself, Decurrian (AKA DC) hailed most recently from the hilltops of Tacoma, where he cut his teeth on the experiences of the Street, and triumphed over his disability by writing 100s of verses solely on the canvas of his razor sharp intellect. He brought a story to tell and a stage presence that was truly a sight to be seen.

Armed with Decurrians authentic flows, DP Staxx’s bottomless bag of tricks, and JD Staxx’s stone cold musta, the boys went on a 10 month run.   A hair raising California tour, founding the infamous MILFstock Festival, all while inspiring the locals papers to write them up at least a dozen times.

Still ID card carrying students at WSU in pursuit of diplomas – and a promise of a better life, they soldiered on. Experimenting with increasingly stronger line ups, The Staxx Brothers finally moved back to Seattle for a period of wood shedding and personal growth that would yield between the three, at least 1000 original compositions. Decurrian, whose struggle to save the remainder of his vision, that to this day is being robbed of him by the same strain of glaucoma that afflicted Ray Charles, symbolizes the strength, the suffering, and the triumph, that has only deepened a sound that stunned audiences from the groups inception. And all this time, in the vaults, lays the buried treasure.

Recorded in May of 2004, The Staxx Brothers unreleased studio debut, Sho Nuff: The Post Ill-Modern Sounds of Black Garage, has been proclaimed the makings of a masterpiece by those few outside musicians that have heard it.  Like the group, the record signifies that within them, and in this collection of songs, the promise has been kept; the best has yet to come.  Currently backed by Seattles finest funk-rock trio, the ubiquitous Cracker Factory, as well as a revolving assortment of celebrated characters such as B-Shorty and Joel Ricci, The Staxx Brothers continue on their journey. This is not your average flash in the pan college band, or blues heavy bar combo This is an American music group on a glory road that is destined to shake the walls of The Apollo Theatre on May 12th 2012 and thankfully, is finally ready to touch down in Seattle. Amen. -Dylan Van Keef

Members of The Staxx Brothers Band have played alongside and/or recorded with Flowmotion, Ray Charles, The Drifters, Tone Loc, Bubba Sparxxx, Special T, and La Push.

Visit the STAXX BROTHERS website.

Staxx Brothers Logo

Ari Joshua Zucker, Kevin Sawka, Joe Doria, and Seattle Music

April 4, 2007

ASD Cocer Art

AriSawkaDoria was brought together on the bandstand a little over a year ago in Seattle, Washington. AriSawkaDoria is a very unique band that has a broad cross-over appeal. AriSawkaDoria had recently signed a recording contract with the Wax Orchard indie music label.

AriSawkaDoria was brought together by the Original drummer for Carlos Santana Michael Shrieve. Mr. Shrieve also produced AriSawkDoria’s debut album that was officially released in June 2007

Composed of Drum n Bass pioneer Kevin Sawka (you may know from Siamese), young guitar virtuoso Ari Joshua Zucker (from NYC and Seattle), and Hammond B3 purist Joe Doria (the driving force behind Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet), AriSawkaDoria are sure to impress aficionados of every genre.
The people behind AriSawkaDoria invite YOU to their upcoming concerts and West Coast Tour in Spring and Summer 2008.

ASD Debut CD Release Party was June 2 2007 at Neumos in Seattle